Interested in Becoming a LLL Leader?

Are you interested in learning about what is involved in becoming a La Leche League Leader? Please visit the Thinking About LLL Leadership? page at the LLLI web site. This page will help you find out more about:

  • What a LLL Leader does
  • What preparation is involved in becoming a Leader
  • Requirements to apply for LLL leadership
  • Other options, in addition to LLL leadership, for supporting breastfeeding women.

This information can help you determine if LLL leadership might be a good fit for you.  If you decide you’d like to learn more and you’re already attending an LLL Group in your community, please talk to a Group Leader.  If you live in a community that does not have an LLL Group, please contact the Coordinator of Leader Accreditation for LLL of the Sunshine State.

The Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) helps mothers who are interested in leadership develop necessary skills and expand their understanding of breastfeeding management so that they will be well-prepared to answer a wide range of questions and concerns about breastfeeding.

Each Applicant is assigned a LAD representative who will work with her one-on-one to customize leadership preparation to best suit the Applicant’s learning style and level of help needed. The LAD maintains international criteria for accreditation, so that Leaders around the world are required to meet the same standards to apply and become accredited.

Sunshine State LAD consists of a Coordinator of Leader Accreditation and several Associate Coordinators of Leader Accreditation (ACLAs). If you have questions about any Leader accreditation matters in Sunshine State, please contact the Coordinator of Leader Accreditation.

You must have a current LLL Leader sponsor your application so it is highly recommended that you begin attending meetings if possible and begin contributing and building a relationship with the Members and Leaders.

Have an application in progress? Check out our Resources For Leader Applicants page cialis black 80mg price.