Nursing “IS” Normal Project – Florida

The Florida La Leche League Area, LLL of the Sunshine State, is partnering with the Nursing “IS” Normal Project to promote breastfeeding as a normal part of the culture we live in with photographic displays of women nursing their babies in public settings


“The intention behind this project is the belief that the more often something is seen, the more accepted it becomes. The mothers that are part of this display pose in various public settings to help other mothers feel comfortable nursing in public…Nursing IS normal.”
– Kathy O’Brien, NIN Founder

These photos are designed not to glamorize nursing but to show how normal it is for a mother to feed her baby. Mothers in this album are nursing in various locations around Florida in public settings to help empower other mothers to be comfortable taking care of their babies where ever they are. We believe that the more often something is seen, the more normal it becomes in our culture.

NIN projects are currently underway in Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Click here for more photos and information.