What to Expect at LLL Meetings

Our Meetings

The meetings your local La Leche League Leader may offer typically rotate through a series of topics covering information such as:

  • The Importance and Value of Breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding During the Early Days and Family Dynamics
  • Breastfeeding Basics and Avoiding/Overcoming Difficulties
  • Nutrition, Starting Solids, and Weaning

At La Leche League, we offer you the support you need to breastfeed your baby.  Our meetings are informal and focus on parent-to-parent support, with parents sharing their experiences and what works for them and the Leader providing the information and philosophy from their La Leche League training. All breastfeeding questions and concerns are welcome at every meeting, regardless of the meeting topic. If you have a question or concern that cannot wait until the next La Leche League meeting, feel free to reach your La Leche League Leader with the contacts they make available, typically phone and email. Our meetings are offered free of charge, although memberships are sold and donations are accepted to help support the local Group and the work of La Leche League. We welcome all parents interested in breastfeeding their babies, whether they are new parents, experienced parents, pregnant, or even just considering parenthood. In addition, La Leche League Groups usually maintain a lending library on a variety of breastfeeding and parenting topics which is made available to La Leche League members.

About Our Leaders

All La Leche League Leaders have breastfed their own babies and have gone through an accreditation process to equip them to help other parents breastfeed successfully and to lead the parent-to-parent support group meetings that La Leche League offers. Leaders volunteer their time and pay yearly dues to La Leche League. Because Leaders are encouraged to keep their work family-friendly and are receiving calls on their home or cell phone, rather than at an office, there are times when you may have to leave a message.

Our History, Purpose and Philosophy